Understanding User Roles

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Your site allows you to create users and groups for staff members and/or the public. There are many options when creating a user or group. For each user or group, it is possible to designate one or many Roles.

Role is a set of permissions that can be granted to a user or group to control access to features within the site. Users can have multiple roles, and will be granted all of the rights of each of those roles. Roles can be granted at the user level or the group level.

To change a user's roles, navigate to your's site's management dropdown (top of navigation) and select "Site Setup" (YOUR-URL/@@overview-controlpanel). 

Next simply check the box that corresponds to that role on the same row in the grid as the user's name and click Apply Changes.

Some standard Roles include:

Role:What you can do: AddEditDelete Change State Read Site Setup Manage Portlets 


add content, but not edit, delete, or change an item’s state to Published.

 x   x  


edit and delete contributed content, but cannot change an item’s state to Published.

 xx x  


can log in to site. Some organizations allow members to add content to a specific folder, but the content must be Published by someone with a Manager role.



can read content (including private content) but cannot edit.



can edit content only when assigned to them and can change the state of existing content. Cannot see Private content.

  x  xx  

Site Administrator

The Site Administrator can edit users and groups, resolve routine sharing/permission issues, add/edit portlet, customize folder views, edit collections and content rules.

 x x xx x x
 SiteOwner May edit, delete, or modify any content item (EXCEPT for PloneFormGen web-forms) and “Manage Portlets” but may NOT have any other “Site Setup” access. x x x x x x
 Staff can read content but cannot edit.    x  
 StaffWriter May create new content and modify existing content in the “Staff Area” folder. Has permission to transition content from “Private” to “Staff-Only”, and from “Staff-Only” to “Private” x  somex  


can add and Publish content anywhere on the site and has the power to change settings.

 x x xx x x

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