Display PDF in Browser When Selected From Main Navigation (Ploud6)

Modified on Mon, 12 Sep 2022 at 03:27 PM

This article provides instructions for uploading a PDF file to your Ploud site and then having that PDF display in a browser when accessed. 

A common request from librarians is to have a PDF file that has been uploaded to the site displayed in a browser when a main navigation menu button is clicked. 

As always you want to login to the site so you can edit

1.) The first step is to upload your PDF file, you can use the bulk upload method described here. Using the bulk up-loader works just as well for a single file as it does for multiple files. Make sure once your file has been uploaded to take note of the file URL it could look something like this 
https://YourSite.ploud.net/site-assets/files/file-example.pdf (Not an active Link this is an example)

2.) Once the PDF has been uploaded to your Ploud site and you have noted the file's location (URL). You need to create a folder that will show up on the main navigation bar. 

a.) Go to the root of the site by selecting the breadcrumb Home or you can enter the sites URL such as https://YourSite.ploud.net

b.) At the root of the site select Add New >>>> Folder

C.) File out the Title of the folder and Save.

d.) Publish the folder so it displays in the main navigation bar by selecting State >>>>> Publish

This will now create a button on the main navigation bar.

3.) The next step is  to add a Link object

a.) Go to the folder you just created and select Add New >>>>>Link

Fill in the information for the Link that you are adding. In the URL field place the URL of the file you uploaded in step one. In our example we uploaded the file to /site-assets/files/file-example.pdf make sure the URL you insert in the URL does not have /view at the end of the URL 

Make sure to select Save when finished filling out the link information.

The link will after you save will look something like this. To finish the link object make sure to publish it.

4.) So that the PDF will load in a browser we need to have the Link we just created be the default view for when the button in this case PDF File is selected.

a.) Go to the folder and select View >>>>> Display >>>>>> Select a content item as default view

b.) A popup will appear and you want to select the link object we created to be the default view making sure to save when finished.

5.) Your now ready to test the changes you have made. Its important to understand how to test your work. In order to see this PDF file load in the browser you need to  be logged out of the site. The reason you need to be logged out because as an editor you need to be able to edit the link if need be. So when logged in when you click on the main navigation button you will go to the link screen that allows you to edit. 

However as a anonymous user (logged out) clicking the button from the main navigation bar instead will activate the link and you will be directed to the PDF file that will now load in your browser.

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