Static Text portlets display custom text and/or images added by the portlet’s creator through a text editor.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your site.

  2. On the page you wish to add the portlet, click Manage portlets in the area where you want to place the portlet.

  3. On the same side you will see a number of gray boxes with the names of portlets that have already been created.

  4. Above the portlets, click Add portlet….

  5. Scroll down and select Static text portlet.

  6. Add a Portlet header or title.

  7. Enter the text you want displayed in the portlet in the box under Text.

  8. Select the box next to Omit portlet border if you want the text to be displayed without the standard border, header, or footer.

  9. You can add a Portlet footer in the next box. Any text entered here will appear at the bottom of the section being created.

  10. You can add a Details link (the header or footer will link to this URL). This should be an internal URL, i.e. one that links to a page within the site. If used, this will turn the Portlet header and Portlet footer into links to the provided page. Note that using this field will turn the Portlet footer into a “...” button.

  11. Once you have entered the required information, click Save.

  12. To exit the portlet configuration screen, click the “Return” link in the center panel of the page.